MENA Tech and Amazon UNIVERSITY Esports launch virtual UNIVERSITY World in UAE

MENA Tech and Amazon UNIVERSITY Esports launch virtual UNIVERSITY World in UAE 

UNIVERSITY World creates a virtual bridge between players from different countries by bringing them together in a world where digital worlds are growing incredibly fast. The new web-based app allows participants to interact, play mini-games to win prizes, and more.

Amazon UNIVERSITY Esports, a keystone organisation for the academic esports environment worldwide, has announced the launch of its new virtual world, UNIVERSITY World. The esports and education project is aimed at university students from 16 countries in 4 continents. The web-based app was launched in UAE in partnership with MENA Tech Entertainment (a company of GGTech Entertainment).

UNIVERSITY World is a newly designed space where students and other audiences who want to access the space will be able to interact with each other, both in a central hall common to all countries, as well as in specific rooms unique to each nation. Players will be able to communicate through the integrated chat and score points to win prizes through different mini-games and other multiple activities. This will create a global community in a virtual space.


A promising future


Since the advent of technology, wider access to devices and their ever-increasing usage, virtual worlds have become increasingly popular in recent years. According to a PwC report, the metaverse industry will contribute $15bn to Gulf economies by 2030, with KSA and UAE leading the way, while the global market is poised to reach US$5 billion in the same period. Dubai has set its sights to become one of the world's top 10 metaverse economies via the Dubai Metaverse Strategy announced in January 2023. The strategy aims to promote Dubai’s ambitions to multiply its blockchain presence and support more than 40,000 virtual jobs by 2030 too.

Mario Pérez, CEO of MENA Tech Entertainment, commented on the launch:In a world that continues to become increasingly digital, the virtual world is becoming an ever more present scenario in our lives. Metaverses will become more accessible over the next few years as more industries begin to explore and invest in them, improving accessibility. This serves as the ripe time to introduce UNIVERSITY World to the UAE, to educate people in preparation for what’s to come.”


Users create the world


One of the essential characteristics of metaverses is that it is created by the users themselves, through their interaction with the app. Each user can customise his or her avatar with different colours, names and a series of predetermined gestures and movements that will be visible to other users in the environment. This alternate world is formed by combining collective participation and individual preferences.

The virtual world will continuously evolve to incorporate updated features driven by the community's demands and how its members want to improve the world. Several improvements are planned for the app, including introducing educational materials, news, and video workshops.


Supporting the student esports community


UNIVERSITY World aims to enhance the user experience for Amazon UNIVERSITY Esports students, and bridge the boundaries to explore new ways to interact and test new products in a virtual environment.

Amazon UNIVERSITY Esports is made possible thanks to the support of top-level publishers and brands such as Riot Games, Ubisoft and HP Omen.
The web-based app is already available in seven countries (UAE, KSA, Spain, Italy, France, Germany and UK), and the UAE Emirati version can be accessed here.

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