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It’s true that our partners come from different industries, but we all share one common belief by rallying behind the change makers in our region to unlock mutual opportunities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I benefit from these Partner organisations?

Our Partners are key stakeholders across the UAE business ecosystem, and as such are able to provide unparalleled value for anyone looking to do business in the emirate. They include regulators, accelerators, incubators, innovation centres, and more.

You can learn more about each of these organizations by checking their profiles on the Hub, and checking their respective website (addresses available on their profiles) for further information.

How can I reach out to these Partner organisations?

Social channel links and a website address are available for each Partner organisation on our platform. You can find this information on the individual profiles.

Moreover, some partners have team members listed on the platform as expert. You can check these expert on the partner page and connect with directly through the Hub.

Who are the Mentors listed under the Partners?

Our Partners are home to some brilliant thought leaders and experts, some of which are available as Mentors on our platform for you to reach out to with your business inquiries.

If you find a Mentor you believe is a good fit for you, click on their profile and send them a question or meeting request, and we’ll get back to you.

How do you select your Partners?

Our Partners share our vision and mission in building a strong and sustainable SME sector in the UAE, and they are selected from diverse fields and backgrounds in both the public and private sectors, based on the quality of their offerings and the needs of our founders.