Richard Richie | AD SME
Mentor / Director of Consulting Services - Alcon Maddox


With Experience ranging from C2C, B2C and B2B environments across global powerhouses economies in both Europe and the Middle East, Richard Richie has spent his career building and extensively training sales teams from the ground up.


Richard is devoted to guide startups to their full potential. This ethos propelled him to establish and become a Managing Partner at Alcon Maddox, a boutique management consulting firm building solutions for companies challenged with ever-evolving business strategies, sales transformation, leadership training and development.


As the Director of Consulting Services, Richard not only heads strategic partnerships but also directs an extensive series of workshops geared towards accelerators and incubators. Most renowned for his training programme “Sales for Start-ups” which has been featured in a number of cohorts including DTEC, StartUpBootCamp, FinTech Hive and Dubai Chamber.


The most advanced workshop to date in the Endeavor network “Sales Management”, provides a unique insight into how to scale operation while ensuring commercial viability. A skill Richard acquired through his years working in several commercial roles.


Richard’s guidance has been key in formulating and evolving sales strategies for a number of organisations, and implementing and managing tools such as Salesforce that empower sales teams.


His style has a direct impact on value - winning new business, growing ARPU, reducing both client churn and staff turnover, resulting in highly engaged teams. Richard also now serves as an active mentor to portfolio companies within the Endeavor network and companies that have graduated from Rainmaking Innovation's various accelerator programmes.


Having lived through a regional startup’s transition from a quasi-family setup to a global corporation, Richard has hands-on experience with the challenges many startups face. His specialized interests as a mentor are multifaceted including a longlist of necessary tools to build a strong sales initiative including Business Sales Orgs, Cultivating a Winning Sales Culture, as well as Designing and Executing of Sales Strategy.

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