Mohammed Idais | AD SME
Mentor / IT Applications Manager - Deyaar Facilities Management

Mohammed Idais has more than nineteen years of experience. He is currently working for Deyaar Facilities Management as an IT Applications Manager.

He has championed business-aligned strategies and solutions that transformed business operations, delivery & profitability for leading business conglomerates, with a firm commitment to innovation, high-performance standards & ROI.
He is experienced in the pragmatic execution of complex IT modernisation, ERP ecosystems, and system integration projects. He also has extensive experience in Enterprise Solutions, ICT, IT, e-commerce, ERP, CRM, CAFM, Mobility, AI, IoT, Software Design Solution Architecture Development, digital transformation, and Software Development. He also has experience as a Solution Architect.
Mohammad Idais holds a Master of Business Administration from Anglia Ruskin University, London-UK, an M.Sc. Industrial Engineering Management from University of Jordan, Amman- Jordan, and a B.Sc. Computer Science and Information Systems, Philadelphia University, Jarash-Jordan. He holds many awards for his achievements in the technology sphere, earned from renowned companies like Microsoft.

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